Moon Tile
Who: school project
What: industrial design / data visualization
When: May 2014

This project was an exercise in communicating complex systems and events through visual means. The chosen subject of the project was the Moon.

The final product was a 3D tile derived from an abstract graphic mark.

Moon Tile: 01 - The Prompt
Moon Tile: 01 - The Prompt
How would you communicate the
Space Race of 1955 without words?

Here’s how I did it.

I started the project by examining the various relationships people, wildlife, the environment, and other astronomical bodies have with the moon.

I chose to explore one of the closest relationships people have had with the moon: the Space Race

Moon Tile: 02 - Chasing Sputnik
Moon Tile: 02 - Chasing Sputnik

The immediate challenge at this stage in the project was distilling the volumes of historical data on the Space Race into a collection of data points that I could translate into visual graphics.

After making structured lists and recordings of the lunar missions, I melded data and design into infographics.

As I ventured further away from written word, I knew I would need a set of guiding motifs that characterized the key themes of the Space Race:

Two competing forces

A shared objective

A variety of attempts

One winner

Moon Tile: 03 - Abstractions
Moon Tile: 03 - Abstractions

With my guiding themes in mind, I began ideating abstract marks and forms that figuratively represented the Space Race.

This was my final design; Something that lives between abstraction and information. A single image that was designed to capture the essence of a long, complex struggle between two forces for astronomical dominance.

Moon Tile: 04 - Giving Form
Moon Tile: 04 - Giving Form

The final stage of the project entailed translating my mark into a physical form that could be 3D printed.